Added July 2021

Having arrived in Portugal in time to enjoy the final day of her holiday, Alice has negotiated a stressful journey home to find the place overrun with mindless, flesh-eating zombies. Typical! It never rains, it pours.

Whilst she's been away, a new Zeta Variant of COVID has been incubating steadily within the UK population. The scientists believe that this variant is responsible for the zombie mutation. To prevent its spread, the whole country has been placed under martial law and the army have set up checkpoints at all the major internal border crossings. An emergency refuge has been set up in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles), as a sanctuary for the remaining few who have yet to succumb to the Zombie Apocalypse. Unfortunately for the army – and for humanity – they're using an adapted version of Bob's COVID vaccine passport app to manage the intercounty borders. True to form, Bob has made one or two minor errors in the programming, meaning that some extra idiosyncrasies have arisen in the app.

Alice's ferry from Portugal has docked on the Isle of Wight. Can you help her get from there to the Western Isles before her brain gets devoured by ravenous zombies? The rules of the new app are explained beneath the puzzle.

Anarchy In The UK

Initially, as on Alice's trip to Portugal, borders need to be crossed in the order redbluepurple; however, there are now some additional complications to confuse you:

The rules of this puzzle are quite complicated to explain but quickly become second-nature once you've spent a few minutes navigating around the maze.