Added February 2021

I've christened this type of maze a ring maze because the moves take place within an algebraic structure that mathematicians call a ring. Don't let this fancy terminology put you off though because it is not necessary to have a particular understanding of mathematics to solve this puzzle. If I haven't scared you away already, then you should find this maze an enjoyable challenge.

Maze rules:

If maths isn't your forte, then you can turn on lazy mode by using the checkbox to the right of the maze grid. This will highlight all the possible legal moves in yellow, allowing you to make faster progress and forget about the maths. Unfortunately, I've found that using this mode encourages speculative clicking, which can ultimately make the maze harder, rather than easier, to solve. In my opinion, having to concentrate fully on each move is more efficient in the long term because it allows you to develop a more detailed mental map of the paths running through the maze.

Having trouble? You can view the if you are really struggling. This will ruin the puzzle for you, so I would strongly advise against giving up too early!