Added February 2021

I call this a simple word maze because it has more in common with a standard maze than a logic maze. In particular, the only thing you need to worry about is where you currently are in the grid; there are no additional complications to confuse matters. Don't let the use of the word simple fool you too much though – there is still a fair bit of work needed to reach the goal. There is one slightly obscure word on the true path; once you've found that, you'll have cracked it! There's a clue near the bottom of the page if you need it.

To navigate around the maze, click on the final letter of the word you wish to form. If you haven't done so already, then I'd strongly recommend that you read the word mazes introduction before starting this puzzle. Remember that the last letter of the previous word forms the first letter of the next.

Maze rules:

Having trouble? Here's a .

Still having trouble? You can view the if you are really struggling. This will ruin the puzzle for you, so I would strongly advise against giving up too early!