Added February 2022

"Tear down the servers; rip out the modems; eviscerate the webmaster. Erase! Unplug! DELETE!"

Following a further series of convoluted and increasingly implausible adventures – the likes of which are far too exciting to describe here – Alice and Bob have...

Alice draws back, realisation dawning. WE'VE DONE ALL THIS BEFORE. "Oh, Bob – the hyperlinks. What's happening to the hyperlinks?" She screams. HTML rewritten and Alice confronts the profound truth of her meta-existence. "Bob, don't you see? It's last chance hackneyed chronicle unsustainable. We're one maze away... Permanent removal of all narratives."

Only you can prevent the tale of Alice and Bob from reaching its devastating denouement. Can you help them escape from the following fiendish maze? Or has their contrived saga finally come to an abrupt and long overdue end? Starting at the red arrow on the left and finishing at the green arrow on the right, exit each black dot via a left-hand edge of the same colour as the one used for entry. Switching from one colour to another is only permitted if indicated halfway along a left-hand edge. You may never travel along a right-hand edge and cannot change colour at a black dot.

It may be helpful to think of each edge as a two-lane road: just like driving (in the UK), you may only proceed along the left-hand lane. It is not permitted to U-turn partway along an edge.

Strife Knot