Added February 2021

After Alice's previous electrical calamity, she's asked Bob the electrician to completely rewire her lights with a brand new set of circuits. Unfortunately, absent-minded Bob has fitted the wrong type of switches and now the lights have gone completely haywire! Although Bob promises to order a fresh set of switches, she'll have to learn to cope with her new lighting arrangements in the meantime. The only information that Bob can tell her for certain is that pressing either of the two switches will always result in a single light turning on or off. Once again, you need to help Alice find the correct combination of button presses that turns all five lights back on, and in as short a time as possible.

Just like in the previous maze of this type, there is no hidden trickery going on behind the scenes: the effect of each button is completely determined by what you can see on the screen. Refresh the page if you want to reset the puzzle and start again.